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Figuring out the right colours: Rashiphal 2075

Our Rashiphal tee is one of those designs that just happened. We have a list of ideas that we are continually working on, tweaking and adding things here and there until we are happy with the outcome. Some of these designs go back to a few years. But Rashiphal kind of came up on the […]

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Screen printing stories: Ziggy II

Although 108 wears has been designing its limited edition tees since 2012, it wasn’t until November 2017 that we started printing our own tees. Before that, we outsourced both our tailoring and printing. Getting our print workshop up and running took almost a year. From researching and ordering our screen printing equipment to learning how […]

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Welcome to our new site !

It’s been a while, and it’s nice to be back. 108 is restarting its operations this year, and we hope it will be a good run this time out. We have many things planned and lots of unfinished business left to conquer so keep an eye out for 108 wears. Looking forward to the great […]

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108 wears office, Putalisadak
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