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एक सए आठ / 108 wears began in 2069 B.S. with the idea of bringing unique and meaningful designs inspired by Nepali culture into a clothing brand. We are a small team of four running our own screen printing workshop in Kathmandu and our products are locally tailored.

The name एक सए आठ translates to 108. Throughout history, the number 108 has held a multi-dimensional meaning. It is considered sacred in many religions and traditions. It is also a recurring number in astrology, science and mathematics.

In एक सए आठ the individual numbers 1, 0, and 8 represent onething, nothing, and everything.

Where to find us

Our products are available for sale at
The Local Project, Jhamsikhel
Mymcha Tees, Thamel
108 wears office, Baluwatar

For more information
+9771 9841241412



  • KTM and YOU restocked in red. Available at @mymcha_teez and @thelocalprojectnepal. Stitched by @logofashionindustries. #108wears #madeinnepal #summertees #dischargescreenprinting
  • Icecube from our Geometries series. Find it @thelocalprojectnepal and @mymcha_teez. #108wears #hawaii
  • Runnin runnin n runnin runnin #108wears #madeinnepal available soon ! @thelocalprojectnepal @mymcha_teez
  • Naya barsa 2075 ko shubhakamana ! #comingtoatshirtnearyou #madeinnepal
  • New in our Geometries series: ziggy. Soon available at @thelocalprojectnepal & @mymcha_teez #108wears #madeinnepal #handprinted #screenprinting
  • diy signage = dirty hands #108wears