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एक सए आठ / 108 wears began in 2069 B.S. with the idea of bringing unique and meaningful designs inspired by Nepali culture into a clothing brand. We are a small team of four running our own screen printing workshop in Kathmandu and our products are locally tailored.

The name एक सए आठ translates to 108. Throughout history, the number 108 has held a multi-dimensional meaning. It is considered sacred in many religions and traditions. It is also a recurring number in astrology, science and mathematics.

In एक सए आठ the individual numbers 1, 0, and 8 represent onething, nothing, and everything.

Our team

Kanchan – Managing Director / Illustrator

Kanchan is an artist based in Kathmandu. She works primarily with text in her artistic practice. Her explorations of the medium manifest in various forms from poetry readings and temporary installations to comic strips and blog posts about the everyday. Her works and writings are heavily influenced by her experiences of living and working in Kathmandu and are therefore, often autobiographical. Besides pursuing her artistic practice, Kanchan also works as an illustrator for multimedia design studio Sixwasnine Design and is an illustrator for the Kathmandu-based clothing company 108 Wears.

Shrijit Rajbhandari – Creative Director

Shrijit  is a multimedia designer based in Kathmandu. He works across a wide variety of visual mediums on both print and digital platforms. His artistic style is composed of minimal color palletes and a combination of character based pen and ink illustrations supported by multilingual typographic elements. In his professional practice this style is further broadened and expressed on formats such as, graphic tshirts, posters, cover art, and animated shorts. His work is inspired by the subliminal and modern day society.   



Kushal – Founder

Salil – Founder


Where to find us

Our products are available for sale at
The Local Project
Jhamsikhel and Panipokhari

One Tree Stop, Durbarmarg

108 wears office, Baluwatar

For more information
+9771 9841241412



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  • Nindra ko bhoot, Grey cotton tee.
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