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“The tattoo is called Godna in Tharu” – voice of tharus

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Dimensions 200 x 20 x 130 cm

S, M, L

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Our products are available for sale at
The Local Project, Jhamsikhel
Mymcha Tees, Thamel
108 wears office, Baluwatar

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+9771 9841241412



  • #throwbackthursday ! 2012-08-28. Patan. 
One of 108's first designs (Nepal United F.C.) printed in one of the first screen printing workshops we had ever been to and worked with. Unfortunately, the color here was printed opposite of what we wanted. 
We had to hop around town to find the right printers and change the design multiple times to make things work out. Printing and producing t-shirts was and still is a big challenge for us, and now with our own workshop we are learning new things everyday.
  • 🏹🌤️💘💰🔮💸💔⛈️🏹 What's in store? 
#nowinstores #108wears #108printshop
#madeinnepal #rashiphal2075
Get it at: @mymcha_teez & @thelocalprojectnepal
  • ⚠️Sawadhan tee
💯% cotton 🇸 to 🇽 🇽 🇱sizes
🌐 www.108wears.com

#thelocalprojectnepal #mymcha
#madeinnepal  #handprinted #108wears
  • Ziggy II from our Geometries series. Get yours at @mymcha_teez and @thelocalprojectnepal. Tee manufactured by @logofashionindustries. Printed by #108wears #dischargescreenprinting #madeinnepal
  • KTM and YOU restocked in red. Available at @mymcha_teez and @thelocalprojectnepal. Tee manufactured by @logofashionindustries. Printed by #108wears. #madeinnepal #summertees #dischargescreenprinting
  • Icecube from our Geometries series. Find it @thelocalprojectnepal and @mymcha_teez. #108wears #hawaii